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  • Ok, but what does booking actually look like?
    Simple! If we're the right fit for you, we'll send over a contract with alllll the details (prices, dates, locations, delivery times, all that jazz), then once you're ready, just sign at the bottom and submit a $1,000 retainer to lock us in, and we'll be all set!
  • What are your prices?
    Prices can change depending on location, add-ons, etc., but typically we start at $6,500 for local weddings!
  • Where are you based?
    Just outside of Atlanta, GA! It's the perfect distance from the mountains, coast, and conveniently close to the busiest airport in the world (hello travel weddings lol)
  • What's your Personality type/Enneagram?
    Alyssa's a solid 3w2 (Achiever) and Jack is a 9w1 (Peacemaker). Alyssa's basically a go-getter that loves nothing more than helping people reach their goals and encouraging them along the journey. She's a genuine friend who is always, always in your corner, and won't stop until those goals are checked off. Ever the enthusiastic, personal hype-man, she'll absolutely make sure you know how good you look in front of our camera. Jack's essentially the artistic perfectionist that's addicted to making sure things look and feel juuuusssttt right. He sincerely cares about the moments of your day (tears, laughs, hugs, breakdance moves, you name it) and has been known to shed a tear and/or laugh out loud to all the well-timed dad jokes while in the editing room. Needless to say, he's got a personal interest in making these films feel as good as humanly possible. There's plenty of other personality tests (She's an ENFP, he's an INFJ. She's a Sanguine Choleric, he's a Phlegmatic Melancholy, blah blah blah), but those are great conversations for another time ;)
  • Is mayonnaise an instrument?


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