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Chances are, our story has looked a lot like yours

Two strangers meet.
They fall in love.
Adventures ensue.

And while that may cover the highlights, something tells us your love story is so much more than that. Your wedding day offers the opportunity to romanticize every detail and linger in every moment that brought you here–all you have to do is take it.

Enter: Us

We’re Jack and Alyssa, the husband and wife duo behind Film & Fable. We’re big on living adventurously, seeking beauty around every corner, and savoring the little things along the way.

On our first date, we managed to capture all of that (and then some): We climbed to the top of a foggy mountain and stayed all day until the clouds cleared for sunset. From the summit, we surveyed every peak and valley, taking in as much as our eyes could see. For all the milestones that would come for us, we knew the smaller moments were just as much worth celebrating.

From behind our cameras, we seek out moments like these for you, too:

The way your dad talks with his hands. 

The way your grandma has absolutely zero filter anymore but loves you more than anyone there. 

The way your mom reaches for your hand when she knows you’re nervous. 

The way your love brushes your hair behind your ear so they can see your face better.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned with a career like ours, it’s this: There’s a whole lot of love to be found in the little things. It’s a love that grows deeper over time. A love that reminds you of the “why” behind the work. Grounding. Affirming. Compelling. Steadfast. What’s not to love about that?


When we’re not behind our cameras, you can find us plotting our next adventure, hanging with friends and family, exploring Atlanta, dreaming of the future, and raising our sweet baby, Leo.

So that’s our story, at least for now.

But enough about us! We’re here for your story. 

Let’s tell it together.

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